Privacy Policy

1. Our views about the protection of personal information

Vision Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) hereby promises the following matters regarding the handling personal information(hereinafter including the “Specific Personal Information”) based on the understanding that the personal information of customers and all the persons involved in the business activities of the Company (including the shareholders and employees, and hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Principals”) shall be handled properly and prudently under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and with the philosophy of respect of personality (protection of privacy), and this has a close relationship with not only compliance with the laws and regulations, but also people's personal rights and interests.

  • 1.We will observe any and all laws regarding the protection of personal information, any and all guidelines about such laws in economic and industrial fields, and any other applicable laws and regulations, and we will also comply with any and all applicable practices for handling personal information that are generally accepted as fair and proper; In addition, we will make an effort to appropriately improve our handling of personal information;
  • 2.We will clarify and keep our employees informed of regulations for handling personal information;We will also request that our customers, etc., appropriately handle personal information;
  • 3.When we obtain any personal information, we will identify and notify the Person of the purpose of use of said obtained personal information, and handle it according to that purpose;
  • 4.When we handle personal information, we will define a storage period as needed for the general purpose of its use, and we will delete any personal information without delay after the lapse of such a storage period, unless any laws or regulations otherwise allow us to keep the information;
  • 5.We will take any necessary countermeasures to protect any personal information from being leaked, lost or falsified, and we will manage such personal information thereby; and
  • 6.As for any personal information held by us, if we receive a request from the Person at a designated information counter to disclose, correct, delete or stop using any personal information, we will handle such personal information in good faith as per the request.

2. Regarding the Appropriate Handling of Personal Information with Consideration of the Details and Scale of Business

We will obtain any personal information necessary for each business run by us, and we will use said personal information for the following purposes. In addition, to conduct our business smoothly, we will contract out parts of our business and sometimes provide personal information to our contractors within a necessary range for business. In this case, we will provide for proper supervision, including the signing of an agreement regarding the handling of personal information between the Company and any such contractors.

(1) Purpose of Use

  • 1.Handling of personal information when providing goods and services (*);
  • 2.Providing post-sale services in connection with the previous line;
  • 3.Billing and collecting each type of fee for our business and others, and protecting our account receivables (including any cases where we contract out the handling of personal information to bill and collect each type of fee);
  • 4.Studying and developing new goods and new services for our business;
  • 5.Announcing goods and services as set forth in the previous line;
  • 6.Training in sales and solicitation methods for our business and improvement training for our employees;
  • 7.Conducting market research and other studies and research for our business;
  • 8.Granting prizes and conducting campaigns;
  • 9.Developing statistical data for business analysis and using the results of such analysis;
  • 10.Responding to any request for disclosure based on the Private Information Protection Law, and monitoring and inspecting the handling of personal information;
  • 11.Conducting activities for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility);
  • 12.Managing customers, contractors, suppliers or vendors, and contract-related matters;
  • 13.Managing shareholders;
    Exercising any rights or implementing obligations based on the Commercial Code;
    Providing every type of convenience to the shareholders for positions with the Company;
    Taking every type of measure to smooth the relationship between the shareholders and the Company, from the perspectives of the members of an incorporated entity and the incorporated entity itself;
    Developing shareholder data based on predetermined standards according to various laws and regulations;
  • 14.Employing employees (including recruiting and hiring), and conducting human resources management;
  • 15.Offering benefit packages to employees (including the announcement and management of said benefit packages);
  • 16.Managing facilities and equipment;
  • 17.Joint use as prescribed in the following paragraph (2);
  • 18.Providing personal information to any third parties for the purposes as prescribed in the following paragraph (3);
  • 19.Introducing goods or services provided by certain companies with which the Company has a business partnership (but with which we do not have any capital ties); and
  • 20.Carrying out other operations, within a range necessary to conduct our business, in connection with each of the above lines.

*Details of Our Business Line

  • 1.Renting out portable communication devices and their peripheral equipment;
  • 2.Planning, developing and maintaining our website on the internet; and
  • 3.Telemarketing business.

(2) Joint Use

  • 1.We will share and jointly use what we acquire over the telephone, including our customers’ names, company names and contact information, with our parent company, subsidiaries and affiliates. Incidentally, in the event that we use such information with our parent company, subsidiaries and affiliates, the purposes of such use include the office automated equipment business for selling business equipment such as copiers, multi-function machines, telephones and personal computers, the selling and brokering of cell phones, the SHOP business for brokering various credit cards, the insurance business and online advertisement business, and the Internet business for managing rental servers, portable content and portal sites; and
  • 2.The Company will share and jointly use personal information for employment and management, including employees’ names, dates of birth, genders, ID photos, families, belongings, education and training, skills, qualifications, evaluations, work experience, academic backgrounds, career plans and communication within our group, in order to improve employment, human resources and morale. Accordingly, the Company itself assumes full responsibility for managing such personal information.

(3) Provision to Third Parties

  • 1.In the event that there are debtors who have not paid fees related to our business regardless of being overdue, and there are outstanding amounts of payment and default disputes, we may provide the following to other companies involved in our business to prevent recurrence of non-payment of any fees related to our business: the debtors’ names, dates of birth and any other information regarding any dispute. Accordingly, the Company itself assumes full responsibility for managing the personal information that we use;
  • 2.In the event that there are debtors who have not paid fees related to our business regardless of being overdue, we may transfer accounts receivable for defaults, and so that the transferee may collect the defaults, we may provide the transferee with the debtors’ names, addresses, dates of birth and outstanding amounts; and
  • 3.The Company may provide an entity who conducts due diligence (investigating corporate information) with personal information for any relevant due diligence of the restructuring of business organization, absorption, reorganization or transfer of operations.

3. Disclosure & Provision to Third Parties

The Company may revise these terms from time to time without obtaining any consent from the Signers. In this event, the Company will provide any and all Signers with a notice of the revised terms by any of the methods prescribed in Article 6 (Methods of Notification), and the revised terms will become effective immediately thereafter.

  • 1.If there is the consent of the Person;
  • 2.If the information is disclosed or provided as statistic data in such a way that it is impossible to identify the Person;
  • 3.If the Company is requested to disclose and provide personal information based on laws and regulations;
  • 4.If it is a matter of protecting human lives, persons or assets, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the Person; or
  • 5.If the Company is required to cooperate with national or local public service institutions for their public business transactions, and obtaining the consent of the Person may impair the implementation of such business.

4. Procedure for Disclosure

For personal data held by the Company, if the Person requests to disclose his/her personal information, we will generally provide a response in writing within a reasonable period of time after the requester has been identified as the Person. Incidentally, according to laws and regulations, we may not accept all such requests.

5. Correction & Deletion

For personal data held by the Company, if the Person requests to correct, add or delete his/her information, we will correct, add or delete such personal information within a reasonable period of time after the requester has been identified as the Person, if it is found that the recorded content is not factual.

6. Termination of Use & Deletion

For personal data held by the Company, if the Person requests to terminate the use of or delete his/her personal information, we will generally terminate the use of or delete his/her personal information within a reasonable period of time after the requester has been identified as the Person.
However, if we stop using or delete a portion or the entirety of the Person’s personal information, we cannot provide the desired services against our will. We would like to ask for understanding and cooperation on this point.
In addition, we cannot satisfy your request to terminate the use of or delete any information as is held based on laws and regulations such as the Labor Standards Acts, in the event that:

  • 1.The Company uses personal information beyond the scope of the purposes of its use as set forth in Article 2 of the Privacy Policy, without consent of the Person;
  • 2.The Company obtains personal information in an illegal or unlawful manner; or
  • 3.The Company wrongly discloses personal information to any third parties.

7. Disclosure Requests & Information

Regarding personal data held by the Company, please use the following contact information for any of the requests as set forth in the above paragraphs 4, 5 and 6, and for any other questions about personal information. Incidentally, we may not accept any request for disclosure through any other contact method:


Address: Vision Group Personal Information Contact, Shinjuku i-Land Tower 5F, 6-5-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1305, Japan
Tel: 03-5325-0200
The reception time for all counters is from 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays*.
*Excludes Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays.

8. Additional Clauses

The Privacy Policy is effective from October 1, 2011.
Incidentally, we may change the Privacy Policy along with the establishment and amendment of laws, regulations and various guidelines.
We will publish any changes to the Privacy Policy on our website.

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