Price Listed price includes tax unless otherwise stated.

Can payment be made using other means besides credit cards?
Payment can be done only via credit cards.
When will my credit card be billed?
The credit card is billed monthly for the previous months usage and depending on the credit card company, the bill reaches the customer one or two months after the initial usage start.
An example: The usage fee for the month of November will be charged in December.
When is the credit card charged?
The credit card is charged on the 1st of each month, but depending on the credit card company the charge maybe processed with an up to 1-2 months delay.


Where can the device be returned?
The device can be return at our Kabukijo counter, at the airport or via delivery.
For the return via delivery, are there any charges?
Return by delivrey costs 550 Yen. A prepaid shipping slip and bag are to be inlcuded inside tehe book.
Can the device be picked up in other countries?
The device can only be picked up in Japan.
What should I do, if I forgot to return the device?
Please contact us immediately after you notice it and send the device back to our address in Japan.
Vision Narita Office:
 286-0033 Chiba-ken Narita-shi Hanasaki-cho 807-1
 Century Narita Building 4F
 To: Vision Inc.
 Tel: 0476-20-1616
Make sure to use a shipping company which issues a tracking number. The shipping cost is covered by the customer.
Is there a designated shipping company?
Currently we use the Yamato Kuroneko Transport company.
Can the device be picked up earlier that the chosen starting date?
We apologize but the device can only be picked up at the date chosen during the application.
What is the return address for returns by delivery service?
The return address is written on the prepaid shipping slip included inside the pouch.
If there is no slip included inside the pouch, please return the device to the following addess:
Please return all devices and accessories to:
 Vision Narita Office
 286-0033 Chiba-ken Narita-shi Hanasaki-cho 807-1
 Century Narita Building 4F
 To: Vision Inc. WiFi
 Tel: 0476-20-1616
Can the device be returned via a convenience store?
Yes, the device can be returned at the convenience stores which accept Yamato Transports prepaid shipping slips.


Can the device be used outside Japan?
No the device only works inside Japan.
What should I do, in case of the loss of the device? Are there any fees for it?
If you have lost your Mobile WiFi router, please contact us as soon as possible. If you have ordered the insurance option, you are exempted from the compensation fee. In case of an order with no isurance option, the customer gets charged the following fee (URL)
If I make an application today, when can I pick-up the device?
Depending on the pick-up location the device can be picked up as fast as the following day, if the application is done before 15:00 (JST).
Can I receive the device on the same day as the application is complete?
Usually the devices can’t be picked up at the same day as the application, so please make an order beforehead. If you still wish to pick up the device on the same day, please visit our Kabukijo or Shinjuku counters and there might be a spare device available there. Please note that there might not be any stock available at the counters as well, depending on the season.
I wish to extend my usage? What should I do?
The extension is processed automatically as long as you are using the device. There is no need to contact us about it. You just get charged each month with the same monthly price, until the device is returned.
Is it possible to make an order via phone?

We apologize for the inconvenice, but an application can only be done via our website (a credit card needs to be registered to complete the application) To make an order, please do it via our online website.

In case of business orders, please contact our call center, and they will explain the ordering procedures.
Is there a data limit for the Unlimited plan?
The Unlimited devices have no data limits, but the connection speed may be controlled for devices with unreasonably high amount of data usage per our FUP.
Is there a possibility to add data for the 10GB and 5 GB devices.
We apologize but it is not possible to add any GB data for the 10GB and 5GB devices.
What will happen if I use more than 5GB or 10GB in a month?
In such cases the speed of the network will drop down significantly, but the devices will still be usable and there will be no additional charges. The speed will reset itself on the 1st day on the following month.
Is it possible to change the data plan during the usage?
We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is not possible to change the data plans after the customer receives the device. If the customers wishes to change the current data plan, they need to cancel it first and make a new application.